Bonpet Products now in Australia. Distributors contact us on 0430 337 444


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Ampoule is the most effective product for extinguishing a fire in small and indoor areas without...

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With the “throw and extinguish” way we have added a new dimension of convenience and safety...

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Fire extinguishing spray Bonpet is innovative and universal product, reusable and meant for safety purposes...

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Every Second Counts, When a Fire Starts!


Fixed fire-safety system Bonpet which includes liquid Bonpet, was installed on vacuum line, where the overheating and melting took more

Gorenje d.d., Peter Kobal, assistant manager of investment and maintenance

Both fires were quickly extinguished with self-activated fire extinguishing ampoules Bonpet. Damage was minimal due to the efficient fire extinguishing capabilities and it did not more

Petrol Energetika d.o.o., Jurij Bizjak, field of electricity 

Bonpet now in Australia. Distributors contact us on 0430 337 444

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When the fire breaks out, it is too late to think about how you could prevent it. The only right thing to do is, to be prepared all the time. And it is important how you are prepared...Read More


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